Artist Mark Knopfler
Venue British Grove studio, London, UK
Date 19th November 2007
Source Soundboard
Format 1CD-R
  1. Introduction
  2. True love will never fade
  3. Let it all go
  4. Reporter
  5. Mark Knopfler comments
  6. The fizzy and the still
  7. Reporter
  8. Mark Knopfler comments
  9. Secondary Waltz
  10. Reporter
  11. The fish and the bird
  12. Reporter
  13. Mark Knopfler comments
  14. Donegan's gone
  15. Reporter
  16. Mark Knopfler comments
  17. Postcards from Paraguay
  18. Brothers in arms
  19. Outro
Additional comments

Italian radio re-broadcast (11th February 2008: Rai Radio 2: I Concerti di Radio2 Rome) of the original English broadcast from 19th November 2007. All tracks recorded at Mark Knopfler's own British Grove studio and are all completely live as a promotion for the new album Kill to get Crimson. The tracks with comments from Mark Knopfler are translated in Italian. Very good sound quality!