I have two versions of this concert. I will list them both below:

Version #1:

1. Once upon a time in the west
2. Down to the waterline
3. Lions
4. News
5. Instrumental segment Private Investigations
6. Sultans of swing
7. Tunnel of love
8. Solid rock

Version #2:

1. Down to the waterline
2. News
3. Instrumental segment Private Investigations
4. Sultans of swing
5. Tunnel of love


'Rockpop' Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, Germany, 19th December 1980.

Additional comments:
A home-made Video-CD containing songs from the 'Rockpop' show, Dortmund 1980. Image and sound quality on version #1 is not very good. The image and sound quality of version #2 is much better, but as you can see, this version is less complete than version #1. Each version available on one CD-R. Also available on 2 Super Video-CD's: Perfect Dortmund

Video-CD's can be played on DVD players or normal CD-ROM players using Windows Media Player. I can play this Video-CD on my external Sony DVD player (DVP-NS705V) without any problem. Note however that some DVD players have problems with Video-CD's. So I can only guarantee that they work on your PC CD-ROM drive!