Artist Mark Knopfler
Venue The Chivas Studio, Madrid, Spain
Date 20th September 2007
Source Audience
Format 1DVD+R
  1. Song for Sonny Liston (intro missing)
  2. Rüdiger
  3. Let it all go
  4. The fizzy and the still
  5. True love will never fade
  6. Done with Bonaparte
  7. Postcards from Paraguay
  8. Brothers in arms
  9. Outro

  10. TV promotion - "La Primera" (21-09-07)
  11. TV promotion - "Antena 3" (21-09-07)
  12. Photographs from the show
  13. Song for Sonny Liston (second source)
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Additional comments Audience recording of the second showcase that Mark Knopfler did to promote his new album Kill to get Crimson. The total of 80 tickets for this showcase could not be bought, but were for invited guests by Mercury and for just 14 fans as winners of various competitions. Mark was asked if he could perform an 'intimate' concert at the opening of a new club, the Chivas studio, sponsored by the whisky brand Chivas Regal. Luckily, Mark agreed and did this little show and also took the opportunity to do some interviews for the Spanish media to promote his new album, which is also added as bonus material on the DVD. Also featured are some photographs of this show and a second film source of Song for Sonny Liston. Donegan's Gone is missing as the opening song, apart from that it's the complete show. Nicely filmed with some great close-ups, allthough it's mostly pretty dark.