Artist Mark Knopfler
Venue The Opera House, Boothbay Harbor, Maine, USA
Date 20th September 2006
Source Audience with IEM (in Ear Monitor) sound
Format Digital Storage HDD
  1. Done with Bonaparte
  2. Sailling to Philadelphia
  3. Donegan's gone
  4. Rüdiger
  5. The trawlerman's song
  6. Romeo and Juliet
  7. Song for Sonny Liston
  8. Marbletown
  9. Devil baby
  10. Baloney again
  11. Postcards from Paraguay
  12. Whoop de doo
  13. All that matters
  14. A place where we used to live
  15. Wild theme
  16. If this is goodbye


Additional comments Video containing a very rare charity concert. Mark Knopfler, Guy Fletcher, Glenn Worf and Richard Bennett performed an intimate and "acoustic" concert (at least no drummer) for a sold out crowd at Boothbay Harbor's Opera House. A truly lovely concert, played to an audience of about 600 people. The concert was held as a fundraiser for the renovation of the Boothbay Opera House, and Mark Knopfler appeared as a courtesy to his good friend, Richard Ford. All proceeds from this concert were to be used to benefit The Opera House Challenge, a fundraising effort with a goal of $500,000 and an approaching deadline of September 30th 2006. Filmed with two cams (DV / Hi-8mm). Picture quality is fairly good, allthough a bit dark. The concert features some rarely played songs / one-offs like The trawlerman's song, Devil baby, Whoop de doo, A place where we used to live and If this is goodbye (originally a duet song with Emmylou Harris but now completely sung by Mark Knopfler alone). The video is mixed with the sound from the In Ear Monitors (IEM) of Mark Knopfler which results in very good sound quality.