Artist Mark Knopfler
Dates A. GMTV studio, UK, 21st November 2007
B. Channel 5, UK, 21st November 2007
Source Soundboard
Format 1DVD+R
  1. Intro show
  2. Interview Mark Knopfler
  3. Punish the monkey (only vocals live)
  4. Outro
  5. Interview Mark Knopfler [B]
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Additional comments Soundboard recording of two TV performances that Mark Knopfler did to promote his new album Kill to get Crimson in the UK. ITV broadcasted the GMTV show on which Mark did a small interview and played the song Punish the monkey, only with vocals live due to the GMTV studio being set up for microphones only. The same day, Mark was also a guest on Channel 5 News in which he was interviewed by Kate Gerbeau. Total playing time is about 12 minutes. Pretty good picture and sound quality.