Artist Dire Straits
Venue Sydney Entertainment Centre, Sydney, Australia
Date 26th April 1986
Source Soundboard
Format Digital Storage HDD
Tracks DVD 1
  1. Ride across the river
  2. Expresso love
  3. Industrial disease
  4. So far away
  5. Romeo and Juliet
  6. Private investigations
  7. Sultans of swing

  8. Intro
  9. Interview
  10. Concert intro
Tracks DVD 2
  1. Why worry
  2. Your latest trick
  3. Walk of life
  4. Two young lovers
  5. Money for nothing
  6. Tunnel of love
  7. Brothers in arms
  8. Solid rock
  9. Waltzing Mathilda
  10. Going Home

  11. Donation
  12. Mark's thanks
  13. Concert end
  14. End of broadcast
  15. Credits
  16. The drug offensive
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Additional comments DVD-Video containing the legendary last concert of the Brothers in arms 1985/1986 world tour including the great calypso version of So far away! Complete show including very interesting interviews held before and after the show. Also some special moments when the band is donating $ 50.000 for the anti-drug campaign that was running in Australia, the audience singing Waltzing Mathilda for the band who plays along and of course the speech of Mark thanking the band, crew and management. Nowadays, the band gets away from the venue using luxury cars with a driver. After this show however, it was Mark himself who drove away in a Porsche 911 cabriolet which you can see at the end of the concert. Nice footage! Picture and sound quality are both very good. In fact, it's even better than the DVD Thank you Australia and New Zealand!. That DVD was in 360 x 576 resolution, stretched to full screen. This new 2DVD is in full 720 x 576 resolution which results in better sharpness and better colour saturation. The main features of both discs show the uninterrupted concert tracks. All other material, which was part of the original broadcast, is spread out over the two discs as Extras. Enough overlap has been included with these, to make it possible to recognize the position of these clips in the original broadcast. All tracks of the main feature come with three different soundtrack options, which can be changed in the same way you would change languages with a movie DVD, often with a single button click
on the remote. These are:

1. Stereo AC3 of the FM Simulcast
Uncompressed Stereo 48kHz PCM wave of the FM Simulcast
3. Original Mono soundtrack from the TV broadcast in AC3 format (different microphone mix to the FM stereo version)
Don't forget to re-set the language option to "original Mono soundtrack" when viewing the Extras, as these only come with the original mono soundtrack. A really great recording, as sharp and as true in colour as can be expected for such old video material and synchronized with the FM stereo simulcast!