Kenny och Vänner
Artist Kenny Bräck meets Mark Knopfler
Location British Grove Studios, London, UK
Broadcast date 27th January 2008
Source Soundboard
Format Digital Storage HDD
  1. Kenny och Vänner - Mark Knopfler


Additional comments Video featuring program "Kenny och Vänner" (Kenny and Friends) where ex. race driver Kenny Bräck meets up with some celebrities that mean something to him, in this episode it is Mark Knopfler. Mark meets Kenny at his own British Grove Studios in London. In the beginning Kenny tells about the time he won his first championship around 1985/1986 and that Money for nothing was played, and from that moment Dire Straits was his clear choice of music. He came in contact with Mark through his Swedish friend and also an ex. race driver in F1 (Stefan Johansson) who is friend with Mark. Funny fact here is that Mark was inspired by Stefan to write Speedway at Nazareth. Also funny to see them playing with toy race cars in the studio. One of the nicest TV broadcasts I have ever seen. Recorded from Swedish channel TV4. The parts with Mark are of course in English with Swedish subtitles. Picture and sound quality is good. Total playing time is about 22 minutes.