Artist Mark Knopfler
Venue Palace House, Beaulieu, UK
Date 28th July 2002
Source Audience
Format 1DVD+R
  1. Presentation & soundchecks
  2. Intro & Calling Elvis
  3. Run me down
  4. Your own sweet way
  5. Railroad worksong
  6. Are we in trouble now
  7. Quality shoe
  8. Hobo's lullaby
  9. Can't be satisfied
  10. Feel like going home
  11. Setting me up
  12. Walk of life
  13. What it is
  14. Romeo and Juliet
  15. Sultans of swing
  16. Your latest trick
  17. Why aye man
  18. Money for nothing
  19. Brothers in arms
  20. So far away
  21. Going home
  22. Outro

  23. Mark Knopler and Tom Jones - Feel like going home (UK, 24th December 1996)


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Additional comments DVD-Video containing the last of four charity gigs in July 2002. This one is on behalf of Countryside Education Trust. Announced as "Mark Knopfler and friends", Mark Knopfler plays with The Notting Hillbillies in the first half of the show and with virtually Dire Straits (including John Illsley and Chris White!) in the second half. Jimmy Nail was a special guest for Why aye man, Money for nothing and So far away. Two new songs were included in the setlist; Quality shoe and the new single Why aye man. Great to hear the Dire Straits sound back again! Video footage has been taken from not less than 5 different private video sources, mixed with the best sounding audio recording! Very nice to see, good picture and sound quality. As a bonus, the wonderful version of Feel like going home by Tom Jones and Mark Knopfler is added.