Artist Eric Clapton (featuring Mark Knopfler)
Venue PNE Coliseum, Vancouver, Canada
Date 28th September 1988
Source Audience
Format 2CD-R
Tracks CD 1
  1. Crossroads
  2. White room
  3. I shot the sheriff
  4. Lay down Sally
  5. Wonderful tonight
  6. Tearing us apart
  7. After midnight
  8. Can't find my way home
  9. Badge
  10. Same old blues
Tracks CD 2
  1. Cocaine
  2. Layla
  3. Money for nothing
Additional comments In 1988 and 1989, Mark Knopfler joined Eric Clapton's band for his "25th anniversary" world tour. This is one of the recordings of that tour. Good sound quality. Most likely, Sunshine of your love is missing from this recording as the final song.