Artist Mark Knopfler
Venue Octabrsky Concert Centre, St. Petersburg, Russia
Date 30th July 2001
Source Audience
Format 2CD-R
Tracks CD 1
  1. Calling Elvis
  2. Walk of life
  3. What it is
  4. Romeo and Juliet
  5. Sultans of swing
  6. Done with Bonaparte
  7. Who's your baby now
  8. Wag the dog (intro missing)
  9. Baloney again (intro and outro only)
Tracks CD 2
  1. Junkie doll
  2. Speedway at Nazareth
  3. Telegraph road
  4. Brothers in arms
  5. Money for nothing
  6. So far away
  7. Wild theme
Additional comments Rare audience recording taken from recording by video camera with quite good sound. The setlist is almost complete, apart from the the beginning of Wag the dog and the main part of Baloney again.