Artist Mark Knopfler
Venue Monumental Bullring, Barcelone, Spain
Date 30th July 1996
Source Audience
Format 1DVD+R
  1. Darling pretty
  2. Imelda
  3. The bug
  4. Rüdiger
  5. Je suis désolé
  6. Olé, olé
  7. I'm the fool
  8. Last exit to Brooklyn
  9. Romeo and Juliet
  10. Done with Bonaparte
  11. Golden heart
  12. Water of love
  13. Telegraph road
  14. Brothers in arms
  15. The long highway (intro missing)
  16. Going home (5 seconds only)
  17. Hawaiian Lullaby
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Additional comments DVD-Video containing an audience recording from Barcelona 1996. Filmed from about the third row, good view on stage. A great show, some good close-ups but also very shaky. Unfortunaly some parts of the show are missing.