AHOY 1991

Artist Dire Straits
Venue Ahoy, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Date 30th September 1991
Source Audience
Format 1DVD+R
  1. Intro
  2. NOS journaal (28th September 1991)
  3. Impression outside Ahoy (28th September 1991)
  4. Impression inside Ahoy (30th September 1991)
  5. Calling Elvis
  6. Heavy fuel
  7. Romeo and Juliet (intro only)
  8. Sultans of swing (last part only)
  9. On every street
  10. I think I love you too much
  11. Telegraph road
  12. Brothers in arms
  13. Solid rock
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Additional comments DVD-Video containing part of a good filmed audience recording. It's filmed from inside the audience near the front of the stage and gives a good view on all musicians. Sometimes it looks a bit dark because it's filmed in a way that Mark's white blouse does not appear as one big white dot, which makes the other lights look a bit darker too. But the nice thing is that this results is a sharp image. Great to have the rarely played song I think I love you too much on video! Also nice to see Mark being full of energy in this concert (the On every street world tour was just about one month on it's way!). Including nice menus.