Artist Dire Straits
Venue Film set Calling Elvis clip, UK
Date 1991
Source Soundboard and audience
Format 1DVD+R
  1. Private footage set visit - Phil Rae
  2. The making of Calling Elvis
  3. John Illsley talking about his puppet
  4. Philips commercial UK
  5. Philips commercial France
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Additional comments DVD-Video featuring exclusive private shooting at the film set of the Calling Elvis video clip. About 11 minutes of video behind the scenes, really interesting material to see, filmed by Phil Rae. As bonus material I added some related material to the DVD; the Channel 4 TV broadcast of the making of Calling Elvis. The documentary shows how the video clip is made, including interviews with Mark Knopfler, Steve Barron (the video director) and also Gerry Anderson (Thunderbirds creator). The third clip is taken from the MTV Weekend special where John Illsley is talking about his puppet. The DVD ends with two Philips commercials in which they used the Calling Elvis puppets, very nice clips! Total playing time is 24 minutes.


MK puppet head Thanks to Phil, I am now also in the possession of a hollow fibreglass resin casting made directly from the original mould used to create Mark Knopfler's puppet for use in the 1991 video clip Calling Elvis.