Artist Mark Knopfler
Venue Sportpaleis, Antwerp, Belgium, 22nd June 2019 [A]
Altice Arena, Lisbon, Portugal, 30th April 2019 [B]
König-Pilsner Arena, Oberhausen, Germany, 1st July 2019 [C]
Navarra Arena, Pamplona, Spain, 5th May 2019 [D]
Mediolanum Forum, Milan, Italy, 10th May 2019 [E]
Rockhal, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg, 20th June 2019 [F]
Genting Arena, Birmingham, UK, 30th May 2019 [G]
Bullring, Valencia, Spain, 26th April 2019 [H]
Source Audience with soundboard sound
Format Digital Storage HDD
  1. Why aye man [A]
  2. Nobody does that [B]
  3. Corned beef city [A]
  4. Sailing to Philadelphia [C]
  5. Once upon a time in the west [A]
  6. Romeo and Juliet [B]
  7. My bacon roll [D]
  8. Matchstick man [E]
  9. Band introduction [E]
  10. Done with Bonaparte [C]
  11. Heart full of holes [A]
  12. She's gone [F]
  13. Your latest trick [F]
  14. Postcards from Paraguay [G]
  15. Silvertown blues [B]
  16. On every street [H]
  17. Speedway at Nazareth [F]
  18. Telegraph road [B]
  19. Money for nothing [C]
  20. Brothers in arms [A]
  21. So far away [C]
  22. Piper to the end [H]
  23. Going home [B]



Additional comments Video featuring Mark Knopfler in various venues in Europe 2019. Good video quality, taken from various sources. The sound is taken from the soundboard source.