Artist Mark Knopfler
Venue The Greek Theatre, Berkeley, USA, 18th September 2019 [A]
The Met Philadelphia, Philadelphia, USA, 17 August 2019 [B]
Beacon Theatre, New York, USA, 21st August 2019 [C]
Riverside Theater, Milwaukee, USA, 31st August 2019 [D]
Beacon Theatre, New York, USA, 20th August 2019 [E]
Wolf Trap - Filene Center, Vienna, USA, 18th August 2019 [F]
Blue Hills Bank Pavilion, Boston, USA, 23rd August 2019 [G]
Source Audience with soundboard sound
Format Digital Storage HDD
  1. Why aye man [A]
  2. Corned beef city [B]
  3. Sailing to Philadelphia [C]
  4. Once upon a time in the west [D]
  5. Romeo and Juliet [E]
  6. My bacon roll [D]
  7. Matchstick man [A]
  8. Done with Bonaparte [F]
  9. Heart full of holes [D]
  10. She's gone [G]
  11. Your latest trick [G]
  12. Postcards from Paraguay [G]
  13. On every street [G]
  14. Speedway at Nazareth [C]
  15. Money for nothing [D]
  16. Brothers in arms [C]
  17. Piper to the end [G]
  18. Going home [D]



Mark gets annoyed by a flashlight shining in his eyes during Why aye man


After asking a few times: "Turn the fucker off, thank you!"


Additional comments Video featuring Mark Knopfler in various venues in the USA 2019. Good video quality, taken from various sources. The sound is taken from the soundboard source.