Background information about the Intersonus label.

Received from a Polish fan in April 2022.
For intersonus and other Polish labels, you need to understand the 90's in Poland were a bit crazy times after the switch of the system in 1989. The unemployent was very high and economy was falling. There was no copyright law through out the decade and this is one of the reasons Mark Knopfler or Dire Straits refused to play here at that time. There were plenty of new labels, many of them established by the mafia or criminals to launder the money. So basically you could press Dire Straits On every street and publish this and copies would sell millions while Mark Knopfler would not see anything out of this. Also people could not afford CD's so cassettes were much more popular. All from these strange labels. This is one of the reasons Intersonus (who was one of the few publishing CD's and that had some ambitions, they were mainly publishing Polish artists legally) was not pressing high amounts. They were all addressed to Polish market and the fame came later.