London, UK, 4th June 2001

On 2nd June 2001, I travelled with friends to London for two concerts at the Royal Albert Hall. Initially, we only had tickets for the concert of the 4th June, but once we were in London, we were lucky to buy extra tickets for the concert for the 3rd June. What a great building the Royal Albert Hall is, beautiful! Only being inside the building was an experience itself for me.

The Royal Albert Hall.

After the concert of the 3rd June, we waited outside at door 1, the artist entrance. We waited there from about 22:30 until 01:00 when somebody from the Royal Albert Hall came out and told us that Mark Knopfler had left the building through another door. Everybody was very disappointed at that moment as you can imagine. But we decided to take another chance the day after and waited for Mark in the afternoon, just before the soundcheck. After the arrival of the other band members at around 15:00, suddenly a nice BMW 5 series came driving towards us. It was Mark himself! What a thrill that was. Everybody was very excited! Mark was sitting very relaxed in his car, pleasing all of us with autographs and a small chat. Thanks Mark! 

The five pictures below show the group of fans waiting for Mark, a picture of the group together with Guy Fletcher, two pictures of me and Mark at his car where he is signing my tourbook and my Sailing to Philadelphia CD-booklet (see also the signed-section) and Mark walking to the Royal Albert Hall for the soundchecks.


Outside Royal Albert Hall, London, UK, 4th June 2001.