Antonio Pedro
Brand Antonio Pedro
Type Prototype for Herbert Vianna
Year Most likely 2000
Serial number Unknown
Additional info In 2000, Mark Knopfler did his promotion tour for the Sailing to Philadelphia. He also visited Brazil and appeared in the program Video Show on 20th November 2000. The host of the show is Herbert Vianna, a Brazilian singer, songwriter and guitarist mainly known for his work with rock band "Paralamas do Sucesso". Herbert brought his own guitar to the interview and asked Mark to play a bit on it (without an amplifier). This is a screenshot of that moment. So, this is actually not Mark's guitar but I thought it would still be nice to list it here.

The guitar is especially made for Herbert Vianna by the Brazilian luthier Antonio Pedro. On the headstock you can clearly see the initials "HV". Click here for an article about Antonio Pedro and a relation with Mark Knopfler.

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