Artist Mark Knopfler
Date London, UK, 1988
Source Soundboard
Format 1DVD+R


  1. Interview - part I
  2. Interview - part II
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Additional comments DVD-Video containing parts of clips and an interview with Mark Knopfler. Aired only once on MTV in 1988. Exact recording date is unknown, but since the special features some footage from the Mandela concert of 11th June 1988 and Mark also talks a bit about this show, it must have been from the second half of 1988. Mark talks about his musical influences, his period as a newspaper reporter, a possible new Dire Straits album and other stuff. Picture quality is fairly good, sound quality is good. Very interesting interview. Parts of this interview were used on the 1990 Veronica special "The story of... Dire Straits". Total playing time is about 23 minutes.