Artist Dire Straits
Date MTV, 5th and 6th October 1991
Source Soundboard
Format 1DVD+R
  1. Dire Straits MTV Weekend
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Additional comments DVD-Video featuring the Dire Straits MTV Weekend, broadcasted in the first weekend of October 1991. The MTV weekend featured a Dire Straits special since the On every street tour had just started. MTV called it "a concert presentation". The second day of the special was mainly a re-run of day one. Most double items are left out on this DVD. The special features a lot of clips, interviews with Mark Knopfler and other band members, the Philips commercial with the Calling Elvis puppets, fans, part of a Calling Elvis rehearsal and a short piece of the rehearsal of the opening solo of Planet of New Orleans. The interviews are all pretty short. The live videos (Sultans of swing and Money for nothing) are taken from the Mandela concert on 11th June 1988. Nice to see the alternative clip that was shot for Tunnel of love (different from the versions that have been officially released on material such as the official DVD Sultans of swing - The very best of Dire Straits). Apart from all the other well known video clips, an interesting special. Good picture and sound quality. Total playing time is 93 minutes.