Artist The Notting Hillbillies
Dates A. Rocksteady special - 15th May 1990
B. Rapido documentary - 7th March 1990
C. Steve Phillips documentary - 1986
Source Soundboard
Format 1DVD+R
Tracks Rocksteady special - 15th May 1990:

1. Run me down acoustic
2. Interview
3. Weapon of prayer - acoustic
4. Interview
5. Bewildered - rehearsal
6. Interview
7. When it comes to you - rehearsal
8. Interview / Your own sweet way
9. Outro

Rapido documentary - 7th March 1990:

1. That's where I belong - acoustic
2. Interview
3. No money at all / Interview Brendan
4. Interview / Your own sweet way
5. That's where I belong - acoustic

Steve Phillips documentary - 1986

1. Documentary
2. Live in Leeds 31.05.86 - Part I
3. Interview Mark Knopfler
4. National Steel Guitar
5. Live in Leeds 31.05.86 - Part II
6. Interview Mark Knopfler
7. Live in Leeds 31.05.86 - Part III
8. Documentary
9. Live in Leeds 31.05.86 - Part IV
10. Interview Mark & Brendan
11. Live in Leeds 31.05.86 - Part V
12. Interview Mark & Brendan
13. Live in Leeds 31.05.86 - Part VI
14. Outro
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DVD impression Below some impressions from the Rock Steady special:


 Below some impressions from the Celebration documentary:


 Below some impressions from the Steve Phillips documentary:


Additional comments DVD-Video containing three interesting Notting Hillbillies recordings from TV. The first part is taken from the Rock Steady special from 1990. Great to see the band playing some acoustic songs and part of the rehearsals for the tour. The second part is taken from an early documentary where you can also see Mark and Brendan walking together in Notting Hill. The last part is a rare Steve Phillips documentary telling about his life and his mates Mark and Brendan. The most interesting part of this documentary is to see Steve, Mark and Brendan play together live in Leeds in The Grove pub on 31st May 1986. The image quality is not too good, but well worth to have anyway. Interesting DVD including nice menus.

Correction Source B: originally thought to have been shown on 14th April 1988 was the telecast date of a short "Celebration" documentary (thought to have been on Granada TV - now ITV) featuring Mark Knopfler and Brendan Croker. It was confirmed to have featured on 'Rapido' in 1990 in at least 2 of the 14 country's (France & UK) where Rapido was screened.

Date: Wednesday, 7 March 1990
Venue: Notting Hill, London UK.
Documentary: 'Rapido'
Presenter: Antoine De Caunes; Narrator: Lisa I'Anson