Artist Dire Straits
Venue Wembley Arena, London, UK
Date 20th June 1986
Source Soundboard
Format 1DVD+R
  1. Intro
  2. Big Country - Wonderland
  3. Big Country - Walk away
  4. Big Country - In a big country
  5. Suzanne Vega - Tom's Diner
  6. Suzanne Vega - Cracking
  7. Suzanne Vega - unknown
  8. Suzanne Vega - Marlene on the wall
  9. Entertaining audience
  10. Level 42 - Lessons in love
  11. Level 42 - Leaving me now
  12. Level 42 - Something about you
  13. Level 42 - Hot water
  14. Audience
  15. Elton John - Your song
  16. Phil Collins - In the air tonight
  17. Tina Turner - You better be good to me
  18. Tina Turner & Eric Clapton - Tearing us apart
  19. Midge Ure - Call of the wild
  20. Mark Knopfler - Money for nothing
  21. Mark Knopfler introducing Paul Young
  22. Paul Young - Everytime you go away
  23. Joan Armatrading - Reach out
  24. Howard Jones - No one is to blame
  25. Rod Stewart - Sailing
  26. Elton John - I'm still standing
  27. Paul Young & George Michael - Everytime you go away
  28. Paul McCartney - I saw her standing there
  29. Paul McCartney - Have some fun tonight
  30. David Bowie & Mick Jagger - Dancing in the street
  31. Paul McCartney - Get back
  32. Outro
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Additional comments DVD-Video featuring the unedited TV recording of the Prince's Trust 10th Anniversay Birthday concert. Very nice to see, more songs than on the official release. Mark Knopfler is on stage all the time from the moment Tina Turner get's to the stage. Great to see Mark play on all the other songs aswell besides his own Money for nothing of course. Too bad this was really the only Dire Straits song played on this concert. A funny moment during Have some fun tonight when Mark is doing the "duck walk" (same as can be seen on the Sydney 1986 show during Walk of life)! The concert was attended by Prince Charles and Princess Diane who can also be seen on the video. Good picture and sound quality.