Artist Mark Knopfler
Venue TROS TV2, Holland
Date 3rd November 2000
Source Soundboard
Format 1CD-R
  1. Announcement # 1 Mark Knopfler documentary
  2. Announcement # 2 Mark Knopfler documentary
  3. What it is
  4. MK talking about Glasgow
  5. MK talking about school
  6. MK playing acoustic parts of What it is
  7. MK talking about the river in Glasgow
  8. MK telling about why his music is Scottish
  9. MK talking about Edingburgh
  10. MK talking about Newcastle and his uncle Kingsley
  11. MK talking about the Fender Stratocaster
  12. MK talking about the river Tyne & the quayside
  13. MK talking about the Spanish City
  14. MK talking about Northumberland
  15. MK talking about One more matinee
  16. MK talking about Steve Phillips
  17. Steve Phillips talking about getting in contact with MK after the Brothers in arms tour
  18. MK talking why he decided to wind down things a bit
  19. Steve Phillips talking about the first gig after the Brothers in arms tour
  20. Brendan Croker talking about MK
  21. MK telling why he started wearing the headband
  22. MK talking about Deptford
  23. MK talking about Love over gold
  24. MK talking about the first Dire Straits demos
  25. MK talking about rehearsing in the Woodwharf studio
  26. MK talking about Silvertown blues
  27. MK talking about being a guitar player
  28. MK talking about the National Steel guitar, playing slide & the intro of Romeo and Juliet
  29. MK talking about the guitar
  30. MK talking about Baloney again and playing acoustic
  31. MK telling the comparison between the Fender Stratocaster and his Maserati 300S
  32. MK talking about the song Sailing to Philadelphia
Additional comments

This Mark Knopfler special was broadcasted on 3rd November 2000 on Dutch television. It's actually 26 minutes of the most interesting parts from the official video presskit. Really nice to hear Mark talking about his whole life from being a young kid at school, the neighbourhood he grew up in, to becoming a world rock star. Taken from HIFI-stereo video, great sound.