Artist Dire Straits
Venue Unknown
Date Unknown
Source Audience
Format Digital Storage HDD
Tracks CD 1
  1. Once upon a time in the west
  2. Industrial disease
  3. Expresso love
  4. Romeo and Juliet
  5. Love over gold
  6. Private investigations
  7. Sultans of swing
  8. Twisting by the pool
  9. Two young lovers
Tracks CD 2
  1. Portobello belle
  2. Tunnel of love (small part missing)
  3. Telegraph road
  4. Solid rock
  5. Going home
Additional comments

Rather good sounding recording. During Tunnel of love, a small part is missing, probably due to a tape change. Apart from that, it's the complete concert. The recording date of this concert is unknown and the recording itself does not match any of the other recordings from this tour.