Artist Mark Knopfler
Date Broadcasted on Music Country TV, Australia, 2001
Source Soundboard
Format 1DVD+R


  1. School days
  2. Mark & Steve
  3. Mark & Brendan
  4. Rehearsal studio
  5. Talks about guitar
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Additional comments DVD-Video containing a special broadcasted on Australian TV 2001. It's actually the Sailing to Philadelphia presskit, but with a few additional clips edited into it (So far away & Money for nothing and Sultans of swing, both taken from the Mandela concert). These clips are originally no part of the press kit by the way. The special features an interview with Mark Knopfler and takes him to all the places where he grew up when he was a kid. He is talking about these places telling what his life was about when he was young. He also shows the appartment where the band were making their very first attempts of writing and playing the first Dire Straits demos. Mark is sitting in the middle of a lot of his guitars talking about them and the music. Another nice part is the filming in the amusement park "Spanish City" where Mark was inspired to write the song Tunnel of love. Mark says that every day this park opens his doors, the song Tunnel of love is played. Also great to see is the wall that was Mark's inspiration to write the song Love over gold. Furthermore, you can see Mark playing some accoustic parts of What it is, Baloney again and Romeo and Juliet. He is also filmed during the recordings/rehearsals of the song Sailing to Philadelphia. There are also parts where Mark is talking with Steve Philips and Brendan Croker and you can also see him driving in his red racecar (Maserati). As Mark says in this special: "Maserati 300S and the Fender Stratocaster, both got to be red, really". Pretty good picture and sound quality. This press kit is also available in it's original format and with better picture quality: The video press kits. Total playing time is about 51 minutes.