1. The new album "Brothers in arms" and previous recordings
2. New line-up / current '85/'86 world tour
3. New directions via Compact Disc sound, quality and technology
4. "Private dancer" / MTV / "Money for nothing"
5. Videos
6. Audience reach / "So far away" / recording restrictions
7. Film soundtracks ("Local Hero", "Cal") and other projects
8. Plans after current tour / stage presentation, performance / experiences and observations while on tour
9. Songwriting approach / "Money for nothing"

Additional comments:
Official interview, recorded in 1985.
Taken from the 12 inch promo from Canada, called "Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits - the interview album". Before the Brothers in Arms world tour of 1985/1986, Mark Knopfler spoke to Paul Gambaccini, about the album Brothers In Arms, the forthcoming world tour, the new compact disc technology and his recent solo projects. This 12 inch promo contains most of this interview. It's a rare limited edition, comes complete with a transcript of the interview, issued by Vertigo, the catalogue number is INT 2, see also pictures below of the original version I have. I recorded the LP to CD and removed the clicks, good sound quality. The interview is cut into 9 parts, just like on the official transcript that came with the LP. Very nice interview, a great insight into the album and Mark's views of the world tour. Total playing time is about 41 minutes. Available on one CD-R.

This CD is only available in special trades.

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