1. Intro / Brothers in Arms
2. Interview
3. Interview / Money for nothing
4. Interview / Your latest trick
5. Interview
6. Ride across the river
7. Interview / Walk of life
8. Interview / So far away / Outro

Radio studio, London, 4th May 1985.

Additional comments:
Soundboard recording from an early 1985 radio interview. The Compact Disc had just been available for the public and the radio reporter also proudly presents that the music for this radio broadcast will be played from CD. Very interesting interview with Mark Knopfler telling about the song Brothers in Arms, who the musicians of the new Dire Straits band are, how he wrote Money for nothing, talking about videos, Alchemy, the variation of songs on the new album, the recording of Your latest Trick, talking about his guitar playing on the album, if he is worried if the new album will be appreciated by the public, talking about his way of singing, Walk of Life and his days as a journalist for the Yorkshire Evening Post where he had to write an article about the death of Jimi Hendrix. Available on one CD-R.