Artist Dire Straits
Venue Conference Center, Brighton, UK
Date 16th December 1982
Source Audience
Format 1CD-R
1. Twisting by the pool
2. Sound test
3. Once upon a time in the west (middle solo)
4. Sound test
5. Tunnel of love (final solo)
6. Sound test
7. Romeo and Juliet (instrumental)
8. Sound test

9. Once upon a time in the west
10. Industrial disease
11. Expresso love
12. It never rains
13. Sultans of swing
14. Twisting by the pool
15. Two young lovers
Additional comments

The first half of this recording is a very rare soundcheck! Great to hear and it's also the only soundcheck recording I have from that tour, very rare. The other part (tracks 9-15) are taken from the concert itself that evening. Sound is OK, but has got some slight tape hiss.