Artist Dire Straits
Venue Forest National, Brussels, Belgium
Date 27th May 1985
Source Audience
Format 1CD-R
  1. Ride across the river
  2. Romeo and Juliet
  3. Wild west end
  4. Sultans of swing
  5. Why worry
  6. Brothers in arms
Additional comments

A very rare recording with pretty good remastered sound. There are two versions of this recording. This recording ("Live in Brussels 1985") is taken from the rare original bootleg LP called "Live in 85" which was originally thought to have been recorded at Showgrounds, Mackay, Australia on 31st March 1986 (in the final part of the Brothers in Arms world tour). The other recording is a poor sounding, rare audience recording from 27th May 1985 (see the bootleg "Live in Belgium 1985"). It turned out that both recordings were in fact made at Forest National, Brussels, Belgium from the latter date of 27th May 1985. It appears that they were recorded seperately, because the quality from the bootleg LP (this recording with just 6 songs) is much, much better than its counterpart recording. Very rare to hear Mark play wrong on Brothers in arms at a moment on this concert!