Artist Clive James (featuring Mark Knopfler)
Date Nashville, USA, 1995
Source Soundboard
Format 1DVD+R


  1. Clive James goes country
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Additional comments DVD-Video containing the documentary called "Clive James goes country", broadcasted on Belgium TV (Kanvas) in 1995. Clive James has written a song and he's going to Nashville, looking for singers who want to sing his song. Clive performs it for various famous musicians asking tips as James is far from a music talent. He plays a part with Chet Atkins, but also with Mark Knopfler, who is in Nashville at that moment and Mark invites him to actually record the song and let Clive sing the song himself. Mark arranges a studio and records the track with him. The band features some of the 96-ers including Paul Franklin and of course Mark Knopfler himself on guitar. Very interesting to see! The recording has Dutch subtitles, total playing time is about 51 minutes. Good picture and sound quality.