Artist Mark Knopfler
Venue Sala Palatuli, Bucharest, Romania, 25th April 2013 [A]
Ülker Sports Arena , Istanbul, Turkey, 27th April 2013 [B]
Kombank Arena, Belgrade, Serbia , 30th April 2013 [C]
Mediolanum Forum, Milan, Italy, 3rd May 2013 [D]
Parcolimpico, Turin, Italy, 2nd May 2013 [E]
Arena Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia, 5th May 2013 [F]
Dvorana Stožice, Ljubljana, Slovenia , 4th May 2013 [G]
National Palace of Culture, Sofia, Bulgaria, 29th April 2013 [H]
Source Audience with soundboard sound
Format Digital Storage HDD
  1. What it is [A]
  2. Corned beef city [B]
  3. Cleaning my gun [B]
  4. Privateering [C]
  5. Yon two crows [A]
  6. 5.15 a.m. [C]
  7. Father and son [A]
  8. Hill farmer's blues [A]
  9. Back to Tupelo [D]
  10. Kingdom of gold [E]
  11. I used to could [B]
  12. Romeo and Juliet [F]
  13. Sultans of swing [A]
  14. Gator blood [E]
  15. Song for Sonny Liston [G]
  16. Done with Bonaparte [H]
  17. Haul away [A]
  18. Miss you blues [C]
  19. Postcards from Paraguay [F]
  20. Marbletown [E]
  21. Speedway at Nazareth [A]
  22. Telegraph road [A]
  23. Brothers in arms [B]
  24. So far away [C]
  25. Our shangri-la [C]
  26. Piper to the end [H]
  27. Going home [A]



Additional comments Compilation of various concerts from the start of the Privateering tour. It features some rarely played ones / one-offs like Yon two crows, Miss you blues, Back to Tupelo and 5.15 a.m. Since the videos are taken from various sources, the picture varies, but overall it is all enjoyable material to watch. The sound is taken from the soundboard source.