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Additional comments:
This CD features two short interviews with Mark Knopfler from France. The first one is recorded on 12th October 1982. The reporter talks in French, but fortunately the interview with Mark is not translated in French. Mark talks about the song Private Investigations and a bit about song writing. Short part, about 4 minutes. Sound quality is good, but suffers from tape hiss. The second short interview has worse sound. It's an interview with Mark Knopfler about the Love over Gold album, new musicians like Terry Williams and more. Also, a question which guitar player did impress Mark Knopfler the most in his early years. Mark mentions that he did a session with Phil Everly "last weekend" (most likely the session from 2nd November 1982), so this interview must have been from early November 1982. The radio reporter talks in English on this interview. This part is also about 4 minutes. Available on one CD-R.