Artist Mark Knopfler
Dates Various radio studios, September - November 2009
Source Soundboard
Format 2CD-R
Tracks CD 1
  1. Texas Music Matters - 17th September 17th 2009
  2. PBS Art Beat - 20th September 2009
  3. Front Row - 15th September 2009
  4. Kink FM - 14th September 2009
  5. Belgium Radio 1 - 25th September 2009
  6. Zwischen Rhein und Weser - 29th September 2009
  7. Classic 21 - 9th October 2009
Tracks CD 2
  1. In the studio - 6th October 2009
  2. BBC 4 interview - 15th September 2009
  3. KBCO interview - 9th September 2009
  4. Good morning Sunday - 8th November 2009
Additional comments This CD features various interviews that Mark Knopfler did for his new album Get lucky. The first track is an interview for Texas Music Matters. Mark Knopfler talks with David Brown about his playing style, his Austin experiences, and his new solo album, Get lucky. The second track is an interview for PBS Art Beat. The third track is recorded from BBC Radio 4. For Kink FM, Dave & Sheila interviewed Mark Knopfler on his upcoming concert tour. The Belgium Radio 1 recording is also interesting; on the 24th September, MichaŽl Robberechts was allowed to interview Mark Knopfler at the Bluebird Club. Talking about the new album Get lucky, Glasgow, Newcastle, Knopfler's love for Londen, John Monteleone and more. The sixth track features an interview by Stefan Quoos with Mark Knopfler, broadcasted on WDR 2. Classic 21 is an interview with Mark Knopfler which is mainly translated in French. In the Studio is a USA show featuring Mark talking about his new album Get lucky. The BBC 2 radio show Good monring Sunday features an interview with Mark Knopfler about the inspiration behind his two Remembrance themed songs Remembrance Day and Piper to the end. All very interesting interviews.