Artist Mark Knopfler
Dates A. Recording studio, London, UK, 1994-1995
B. Stadt Park, Hamburg, Germany, 16th June 2001
Source Soundboard
Format 1CD-R
Tracks Golden Heart demos [A]:
  1. No wonder he's confused - take #1
  2. No wonder he's confused - take #2
  3. Secondary Waltz
  4. I'm the fool
  5. Done with Bonaparte
  6. A night in summer long ago
  7. Lily of the West
  8. Instrumental #1
  9. Instrumental #2
  10. The water is wide (O Waly, Waly)

Hamburg 2001 [B]:

  1. What it is
  2. Sultans of swing
  3. Junkie doll
  4. Pyroman
  5. Speedway at Nazareth
Additional comments

Taken from the original silver pressed bootleg "Golden demos & Hamburg 2001". This is a totally unique recording featuring very rare studio demos! Taken from the soundboard during the Golden Heart sessions somewhere in 1994-1995. No wonder he's confused did not make it on any album (so far...). Secondary Waltz was not used for many years until it surprisingly appeared in 2007 on Mark Knopfler's fifth solo album Kill to get crimson. The songs I'm the fool, Done with Bonaparte and A night in summer long ago did make it on the Golden Heart album. Lily of the West is a traditional American folk song and covered by several artists, thus not written by Mark Knopfler. In 1995, this song was officially released on the album The Long Black Veil by The Chieftains and features Mark Knopfler on guitar and vocals. The instrumental tracks 8 and 9 are unknown for me, probably written by Mark Knopfler. The last track The water is wide (also called O Waly, Waly in the Scots language) is thought to be an English or Scottish folk song that has been sung since the 1600s and has seen considerable popularity through to the 21st century. It had been covered by many artists. Mark Knopfler created an instrumental version of it which sounds absolutely amazing. The sound quality is very good, a little bit of hiss but better sound quality bootleg "Golden Demos". Also featured on this bootleg are five songs from the Hamburg 2001 radio broadcast, also in very good sound quality.