1. Part one (02.09.91)
2. Part two (09.09.91)
3. Part three (16.09.91)
4. Part four (23.09.91)

Radio 3, The Netherlands, 2nd, 9th, 16th and 23rd September 1991.

Additional comments:
Back in 1991, just before the Dire Straits concerts in Rotterdam Ahoy took place, Dutch Radio 3 broadcasted a Dire Straits special, devided over four weeks. Each broadcast was one hour long and it told the story from the beginning of Dire Straits until the release of the On Every Street album. On this show, they also had a world premiere by broadcasting two tracks (Planet of New Orleans and On every Street) from the album that still had to be released by that time. In between the story told by the Dutch reporter (Hans Schiffers), various studio tracks have been played. Since this is all official material, these tracks are edited out on this CD. Perfect sound quality. Personally, I have very good memories about this radio special since I was one of the very lucky winners of a competition and won two Dire Straits tickets for Ahoy, 28th September 1991. That was also the first time I saw Dire Straits live, awesome show!! Available on one CD-R.