Artist Is Ook Schitterend
Venue Café Bacchus, Leiden, The Netherlands
Date 19th October 1999
Source Soundboard
Format 1DVD+R


  1. Announcement #1
  2. Announcement #2
  3. Intro by Jan Douwe Kroeske
  4. Money for nothing
  5. Interview
  6. Private investigations
  7. Interview
  8. Walk of life
  9. Interview
  10. Sultans of swing
  11. Outro
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Additional comments DVD-Video featuring the Dutch band "Is Ook Schitterend". In 1999, the Marlboro Flashbacks started in The Netherlands. Various Dutch bands did a small tour on which they covered one particular band. The Dutch band "Is Ook Schitterend" covered Dire Straits. One of the concerts was recorded and broadcasted live on radio Kink FM, see also the audio version: Marlboro Flashbacks - Is Ook Schitterend. Later, the show was also partly broadcasted (16th December 1999) on Veronica Television and that broadcast can be found on this DVD. When I heard that a Dutch band was going to cover Dire Straits, I had a bad feeling over it. But listening to this concert changed my mind. In fact, I think they did a pretty good job, allthough nobody comes close to Mark Knopfler of course. The combination of singing and playing like Knopfler is unique and very hard to do. Therefore you can hear Joost Marsman on vocals and Sander Rozeboom on lead guitar. I admire the Dutch band for covering Dire Straits and some songs are changed to something completely different which is nice to hear.