Artist Dire Straits
Venues Dominion Theatre, London, UK, 20th July 1983
Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK, 23rd July 1983
Source Soundboard
Format Digital Storage HDD
  1. Intro by radio host
  2. Commercials
  3. Prince's Trust Rock Gala opening & speech by Prince Charles
  4. Once upon a time in the west
  5. Expresso love
  6. Commercials
  7. Radio host
  8. Romeo and Juliet
  9. Love over gold
  10. Two young lovers
  11. Commercials
  12. Radio host
  13. Tunnel of love
  14. Speech by Mark Knopfler
  15. Going home
  16. Commercials
  17. Outro by radio host
Additional comments King Biscuit Flower Hour radio show. Taken from the original rare original 2LP that I own. Despite it should be a recording of the Prince's Trust Rock Gala (Dominion Theatre, London UK), it becomes clear looking at the cue sheets that there is something wrong here. They speak about the Prince's Trust Rock Gala held at Hammersmith Odeon, which of course is incorrect as this is the venue where the live album Alchemy was recorded. The recording itself is very strange aswell; you can hear the speaker talk about the gala, announcing Princes Diana and Prince Chales, followed by a short speech of Prince Charles. All actual recorded from the gala. But when the music starts, it is clearly taken from Alchemy. So, a mixture of two sources here, too bad! What is remarkable, is that the short speech of Mark Knopfler just before Going home is actually taken from the Prince's Trust Rock Gala. All in all a weird recording, but at least with some actual recording from the charity gala.
Cue sheets that come with the 2LP     
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