Artist Mark Knopfler
Date British Grove Studios, London, UK, 2007
Source Soundboard
Format 1CD-R
  1. Mark, can you tell us about the album?
  2. How do you use different instruments on this album?
  3. Tell us why you decided to build your own studios? Has it changed the way you work?
  4. As with the equipment, the old and the new, did you start to learn on a beat up old acoustic guitar or electric?
  5. Your records have often had elements of folk music, this one more than ever.
  6. Do you ever listen to other guitarists and wonder why they do things?
  7. Do you write from real life? From real characters?
  8. There are many historical time frames on this album. In Heart full of holes you have a character, down on his luck in post-war Britain.
  9. Can such song writing take a long time?
  10. You have worked with some of your regular guys on this album and Guy Fletcher is credited as co-producer with yourself and Chuck Ainlay.
  11. There is a very gentle quality to this record, an extension of Shangri-La.
  12. When you take this album out live, do you still feel an obligation to play Dire Straits material?
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Additional comments Promotional interview CD for the release of the Kill to get crimson album. Only the answers of Mark Knopfler are recorded. Total playing time is about 11 minutes, perfect sound quality. It's a CD-R release, printed disc, issued in a clear plastic sleeve.