Artist Mark Knopfler
Venues Palais Nikaļa, Nice, France, 29th May 2015 [A]
Zenith, Paris, France, 3rd June 2015 [B]
Saint-Julien-en-Genevois France, 16th July 2015 [C]
Zenith, Paris, France, 2nd June 2015 [D]
Source Audience with soundboard sound
Format Digital Storage HDD
  1. Broken bones [A]
  2. Corned beef city [B]
  3. Privateering [A]
  4. Father and son [A]
  5. Hill farmer's blues [A]
  6. Kingdom of gold (featuring Ruth Moody) [A]
  7. Skydiver (featuring Ruth Moody) [B]
  8. Romeo and Juliet (featuring Nigel Hitchcock) [A]
  9. Sultans of swing [C]
  10. Mighty man [D]
  11. She's gone (featuring Nigel Hitchcock) [C]
  12. Your latest trick (featuring Nigel Hitchcock) [C]
  13. Postcards from Paraguay [A]
  14. Marbletown [C]
  15. Speedway at Nazareth [D]
  16. Telegraph road [C]
  17. Our Shangri-la (featuring Ruth Moody and Nigel Hitchcock) [D]
  18. Wherever I go (featuring Ruth Moody and Nigel Hitchcock) [D]
  19. So far away [C]
  20. Going home (featuring Nigel Hitchcock) [C]



Additional comments Video featuring Mark Knopfler in various venues in France 2015. Pretty good video quality. The sound is taken from the soundboard source.