Artist Mark Knopfler
Venue Ed Sullivan Theater, New York, USA
Source Soundboard
Format 1CD-R
  1. David Letterman show - 30th September 1985
  2. David Letterman show - 1st April 1996
  3. David Letterman show - 27th September 2000
  4. David Letterman show - 13th November 2002
  5. David Letterman show - 27th April 2006
Additional comments This is compilation of the live performances that Mark Knopfler did at the famous shows of David Letterman. From 1982 to 1993 the show was called "Late Night with David Letterman" and broadcasted on NBC. Since 1993, the show is called "Late Show with David Letterman", recorded at the Ed Sullivan Theater and broadcasted on CBS. The first appearance of Mark Knopfler was in 1985 where Mark played Expresso love live with the house band. Afterwards, Mark did a small promotion for the Live Aid book. The second performance is a live version of Cannibals. After the song, the guitar player of the house band starts to play Money for nothing, but after a few seconds Mark takes over and shows how it's supposed to sound, very cool! Also a small interview with Mark afterwards. The third track is a live performance of What it is. In 2002, Mark played in the house band and can be heard just before and after the various commercial breaks. The audience of the show have heard the whole songs, but the TV audience just got snippets of the songs of course. These small parts can be heard on this track. You can hear parts of Money for nothing, Walk of life, Going home, Sultans of swing and Daddy's gone to Knoxville. Paul Shaffer (the show's music director and bandleader of the house band, the CBS Orchestra) and David Letterman are really impressed. Also a small promotion for the album The ragpicker's dream. The last performance of 2006 is together with Emmylou Harris where they played a live version of This is us. Very nice compilation of great performances!
David Letterman