Artist Mark Knopfler
Venue Royal Albert Hall, London, UK

(a) 24th May 1996
(b) 5th June 2001
(c) 12nd November 2003
(d) 31st May 2005
(e) 30th May 2008
(g) 1st June 2010
(h) 3rd June 2010
(i) 4th June 2010
(j) 28th May 2013
(k) 30th May 2013
(l) 31st May 2013
(m) 25th May 2015
(n) 22nd May 2019
Source Audience
Format Digital Storage HDD
Tracks CD 1
  1. Darling pretty (a)
  2. Imelda (a)
  3. Vic and Ray (a)
  4. Bonnie banks of Loch Lommond (b)
  5. What it is (b)
  6. Sailing to Philadelphia (featuring William Topley) (b)
  7. Pyroman (b)
  8. Speedway at Nazareth (b)
  9. Baloney again (Bill Wyman and the Rythm Kings concert) (c)
  10. Why aye man (d)
  11. Boom, like that (d)
  12. True love will never fade (e)
  13. The fish and the bird (e)
  14. Are we in trouble now (a)
Tracks CD 2
  1. Border reiver (h)
  2. Privateering (i)
  3. Hill farmer's blues (i)
  4. Get lucky (g)
  5. Kingdom of gold (d)
  6. I dug up a diamond (k)
  7. Seattle (j)
  8. I used to could (j)
  9. Laughs and jokes and drinks and smokes (m)
  10. Matchstick man (n)
  11. Marbletown (j)
  12. Our shangri-la (l)
  13. Piper to the end (h)
Additional comments During his very successful solo career, Mark Knopfler played various times at The Royal Albert Hall; 3 times in 1996, 3 times in 2001, 5 times in 2005, 6 times in 2008, 6 times in 2010, 6 times in 2013, 2 times in 2015 and 2 times in 2019. This series is a compilation of parts from various of these concerts over the years. Taken from the original silver pressed bootleg "Live at the Royal Albert Hall 1996-2019".
Royal Albert Hall