Artist Mark Knopfler
Dates A. TV studio, The Netherlands, 31st May 1996
B. Vota la Voce, Italy, 18th & 21st September 1996
C. Festivalbar, Italy, 9th September 2000
D. Parkinson TV Show, BBC1 TV Studio, London, UK, 22nd September 2000
E. Regis & Kelly show, ABC studio, USA, 22nd November 2002
F. Dutch television, April 2005
G. Geld oder Liebe, ARD studio, Cologne, Germany, 1st November 1996
H. Leute Heute, ZDF studio, Cologne, Germany, 13th October 2000
I.  Old Grey Wistle Test, UK, 15th May 1978
Source Soundboard
Format 1DVD+R


  1. Veronica Nieuwslijn [A]
  2. Darling pretty (playback) [B]
  3. Golden heart (playback) [B]
  4. What it is (playback) [C]
  5. What it is (live) [D]
  6. Interview [D]
  7. Why aye man (live) [E]
  8. Interview [E]
  9. Old pigweed (live, cut) [E]
  10. TV commercial for extra concert Mark Knopfler in Ahoy - 18th April 2005 [F]
  11. Rüdiger (playback) [G]
  12. Interview [H]

  13. Sultans of swing [I]
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Additional comments DVD-Video containing some of the many performances and interviews and that Mark Knopfler did to promoto his solo albums Golden heart, Sailing to Philadelphia and The ragpicker's dream. Picture and sound quality varies a bit, but most of it is good. Interesting material, especially the live recordings are great. Very rare to have a live version of Old pigweed, but unfortunately the TV station decided to cut that song to broadcast some commercials instead... Mark is interviewed between the two songs on this show. He laughs when Regis compares him with Johnny Cash! The introduction by Jurgen von der Lippe on the Geld oder Liebe show is very nice aswell. It's obvious that the showmaster is a real fan of Mark's work. As a bonus track, the famous version of Sultans of swing from the Old Grey Wistle Test 1978 is added. This version is recorded from TV in 2004 or 2005 I think it was. Great picture and sound quality.