Artist Mark Knopfler
Dates A. In session with Randy Newman, BBC Concert Hall, 3rd December 1988
B. In session with Jimmy Nail, Simon Mayo show BBC Radio 1, 10th November 1995
C. Michael Parkinson Show BBC 1 TV, 22nd November 2000
D. Chris Barber Jazz Diaries, BBC Radio 2, Studios Maida Vale, 5th February 2001
E. Johnnie Walker Radio Show, BBC Radio 2, 18th November 2002
F. Ken Bruce Show, BBC Radio 2, Live at the Abbey Road Studios, 12nd October 2004
G. The Music Club, Simon Mayo Show, BBC Radio 2, Studios Maida Vale, 5th October 2007
H. Five Live, Simon Mayo Show, BBC 5, 13rd November 2009
I.  Loose Ends, BBC Radio 4, 17th November 2018
Source Soundboard
Format Digital Storage HDD
  1. Dixie flyer [A]
  2. Roll with the punches [A]
  3. You better move on [A]
  4. Blue Monday [A]
  5. Bad news from home [A]
  6. Love [B]
  7. Big river [B]
  8. Eastbound train - attempt [B]
  9. What it is [C]
  10. Blues stay away from me [D]
  11. Dallas rag [D]
  12. I'll see you in my dreams [D]
  13. The next time I'm in town [D]
  14. Traffic announcement with MK playing background music [E]
  15. Wild theme [F]
  16. Song for Sonny Liston [F]
  17. Brothers in arms [F]
  18. Postcards from Paraguay [G]
  19. So far away [G]
  20. Get lucky [H]
  21. Good on you son [I]
Additional comments Taken from the original silver pressed bootleg "Mark Knopfler - More BBC Sessions". Nice compilation of various recordings for the BBC, all played live in the studio. Good sound quality.