Artist Dire Straits
Dates Various
Source Soundboard
Format 1DVD+R
Tracks TV broadcasts
1. 24 Heures - Canal+
2. Culture Rock - M6
3. Nouba - M6

Promo concert Bercy 92 - 20:00 journal
1. TF1
2. A2
3. LA 5

1. TV commercial for Dire Straits collection
2. TV commercial for Philips (with Calling Elvis puppets, long version)

1. Les enfants du rock - 1982
2. Chorus TV - 1978 (large part of Sultans of Swing in colour)
3. Weird Al Yankovic - Money for nothing
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Additional comments DVD-Video containing a compilation of various items about the On every street tour. The first documentary is called "24 Heures", broadcasted on 2nd May 1992 on Canal+. A great documentary where you can experience a complete day during the On every street world tour. The roadies building the stage, the soundcheck in the afternoon, the band receiving an award, Was not Was as opening act, the concert, the recording of the concert and the band leaving the venue until Mark Knopfler closes the door of his hotel suite. And yes; this version is in colour and with good picture quality! The second broadcast "Culture rock" goes through the history of Dire Straits, shows some rare footage and has some interesting facts. It goes until the concert in Paris 1992. Also featured is Money for nothing from The Mandela concert in 1988 and a commercial for all the studio CD's. "Nouba" is also a great documentary with lots of rare footage shot during the On every street tour! Setting up the stage, lighting, selling of merchandise, a look inside the black Dire Straits bus, fans entering the venue and more. Also broadcasted is a part Calling Elvis live and a look behind the making of the Calling Elvis video clip. Nice are the 3 parts from the TV journals which also contain a small interview with John Illsley. The last three parts have nothing to do with the On every street tour, but are added as a bonus. All comments in the broadcasts are spoken in French, good picture and sound quality on all parts.