Artist Dire Straits
Dates Various
Source Soundboard
Format 1DVD+R
  1. Dublin 1991 report, Canal+, France
  2. Top Ten, Paris 1991 report, interview & clips
  3. Making of Calling Elvis, Spain, 1991
  4. Commercial On Every Street, Spain
  5. Barcelona ticket sales 1992
  6. Dire Straits competition
  7. Commercial On Every Street, Spain
  8. San Sebastian report, 5th May 1992
  9. Barcelona 8/9/10 May 1992 report, interview Phil Palmer
  10. Madrid TV report, 13th May 1992
  11. Gijon TV report, 22nd August 1992
  12. Barcelona, Special Olympics, 2/3/4 October 1992
  13. TV report St. Palau Jordi, Barcelona 1992
  14. TV report Madrid, 5th October 1992
  15. Tomorrow's World, Mark Knopfler testing a new guitar, 28th April 1992
  16. Commercial On Every Street, UK
  17. New Music, 23rd August 1991, interview Mark & John
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Additional comments DVD-Video containing a compilation of various TV broadcasts about the On every street tour. Most of the items are small reports about the various concerts and contain short live footage of the shows. Very nice is the clip in which Mark Knopfler is testing a new guitar in the programma Tomorrow's World. He plays the Calling Elvis solo and a bit of music that he used to play in his early days. Too bad that this part has really poor picture quality, but still it's a great item. In October 1992, Mark visited some people of the Special Olympics which can also be seen in one of the short reports. The last special from New Music is also interesting as this shows some footage of the first Dublin concert and has an interesting interview with Mark and John. The picture quality varies, but is mostly enjoyable to watch.