Artist Dire Straits
Release date 17th June 2022
Recording Basing Street Studios, London UK, 13th February 1978 - 5th March 1978 [A1, A2]
Compass Point Studios, Nassau, Bahamas, 28th November 1978 - 22nd December 1978 [C1]
Power Station, New York USA, New York, USA, 20th June 1980 - 25th August 1980 [B2, B3]
Power Station, New York, USA, 8th March 1982 - 11th June 1982 [C3, D1]
Jam Studios, London UK, 1st October 1982 - 3rd October 1982 [B1]
Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK, 22nd July
1983 [A3]
Air Studios, Montserrat, West Indies, 2nd November 1984 - 21st December 1984 and 3rd January 1985 - 6th February 1985 [C2, D2, D3]
Format 2LP
Label Mercury Records 3863194
Tracks side A
  1. Sultans of swing
  2. Down to the waterline
  3. Portobello belle (live - alternative version)
Tracks side B
  1. Twisting by the pool
  2. Tunnel of love
  3. Romeo and Juliet
Tracks side C
  1. Where do you think you're going? (non-LP version)
  2. Walk of life
  3. Private investigations
Tracks side D
  1. Telegraph road
  2. Money for nothing
  3. Brothers in arms
Front and back cover
Sticker on front cover

Detail backside

Total package

Additional comments This is the reissue of the first compilation album Money for nothing (original release date 25th October 1988), but now pressed on 2LP instead of 1LP. There are a few differences though compared to its 1988 predecessor:

Sultans of swing: just like in 1988, the regular album version is put on this reissue. However, when you listen to this album (or buy it) on one of the streaming services, you will get the non-LP version, taken from the first single. Guy Fletcher (17th June 2022): "It is the single version, recorded at Pathway Studios on 8 track on April 16th 1978. Engineered by Chas Herrington who went on to become the bandís Lighting Director."

Portobello belle: not live from Paris 1983 anymore (not sure why that is), but this is a new live version from Hammersmith Odeon, 22nd July 1983 (27th May 2022 confirmed by Guy Fletcher who did the mixing).

Twisting by the pool
: it is the EP version from 1983 and not the re-mixed version from 1988.

Telegraph road: this is not a live version as the back cover indicates. Actually it is the studio version with a fade-in and with a longer and really strange outro where you can hear the band actually ending the song.

Brothers in arms: this is a new edit version which is 10 seconds longer.

So, a few strange mistakes compared to the way it is advertised and mentioned on the 2LP itself. Unfortunately, this 2LP does not come with a download code. Made in Czech Republic.