Artist Dire Straits
Venue Various locations
Date 1992-1993
Source Soundboard
Format 1DVD+R
Tracks The On every street years volume 3:
  1. Countdown Late - Dutch TV, 8th May 1993
  2. On the Night special - Italian TV, 1993
  3. Granada Tonight - UK TV, 7th June 1992
  4. Italian TV - 1992
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Additional comments DVD-Video featuring volume 6 of a large DVD project compiled by a Spanish fan. The compilation project contains TV appearances of Dire Straits and Mark Knopfler, except for broadcasted concerts. The DVD's are devided in several sections. This volume is dedicated to the On every street years of Dire Straits. The picture quality varies a lot from good to poor. Countdown Late 1993 (Dutch television) is a mixture of clips and interview with Mark Knopfler right after the On every street world tour. You can also see some parts that come from the French documentary "24 Heures". The interview has Dutch subtitles. This broadcast is about 40 minutes and was broadcasted on 8th May 1993. The Italian On the night special (with Italian subtitles) is basically the same; also a mixture of clips and takes from the same interview as the Countdown Late special. This special is about 25 minutes long. On the 7 minutes report of Granada Tonight, you get some interesting facts about the On every street world tour, comments of fans before and after the concert and has an interview with Mark Knopfler who is telling about the equipment for the tour, the CD, and other things. Great to see some live footage (Private investigations and Sultans of swing) of one of the concerts at Earls Court 1992. Broadcasted on 7th June 1992. The last track features a 13 minutes interview with Mark Knopfler and some parts with Ed Bicknell. Interesting interview, Mark tells (and plays) a short part of Fade to black in the way he originally wrote it (Chuck Berry style!). This is the interview that was also partly used for the MTV Weekend special.