Artist Mark Knopfler
Venue Various locations
Date 1996
Source Soundboard
Format 1DVD+R
Tracks Mark Knopfler promos volume 1:
  1. 60 Minutes, Chanel 9, Australia, 2nd June 1996
  2. The Late Night show with David Letterman, CBS, USA, 1st April 1996
  3. World reports about Golden Heart
  4. Golden Heart promo Spanish TV
  5. Spanish reports
  6. Geld oder Liebe, ARD, Germany, 2nd November 1996
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Additional comments DVD-Video featuring volume 7 of a large DVD project compiled by a Spanish fan. The compilation project contains TV appearances of Dire Straits and Mark Knopfler, except for broadcasted concerts. The DVD's are devided in several sections. This volume is dedicated to Mark Knopfler's solo promo material for Golden heart. The picture quality is pretty good on most tracks. The "60 minutes" special is very interesting. The DVD contains two versions (1996 and 1997 re-run). It includes an interview with Mark Knopfler who also shows some picking on his National guitar and rehearsals for the Golden hearttour including parts with the Irish musicians and the Electra Strings. Another part shows Brett Whiteley, the man who created the artwork for the Alchemy album (the artwork itself is called Alchemy) and sadly died on 15th June 1992. Mark talks about him and how he will miss him when he visits Australia again. Allthough the title of the documentary is called "60 minutes", the documentary itself only lasts 13 minutes as there are always three stories per program, Mark Knopfler was one of them. The first version from 1996 (broadcasted on Channel 9, Australia, 2nd June 1996) lasts about 13 minutes. The re-run from 1997 is a bit shorter, also presented by a different host, and lasts about 11 minutes. The second track contains a live version of Rüdiger performed at the David Letterman show and an interview aswell. The world reports about the Golden heart album contain various broadcasts from The Netherlands, Austria and Germany. The Spanish TV promo contains a playback version of Golden heart. And at the Geld oder Liebe show, Mark did a playback version of Rüdiger. This last track is missing the beginning of the song. All nice material from the Golden heart period.