Artist Mark Knopfler
Venue Various locations
Date 2000
Source Soundboard
Format 1DVD+R
Tracks Mark Knopfler promos volume 2:
  1. Dutch TV commercial for the Sailing to Philadelphia album
  2. Parkinson TV show, BBC1 TV Studio, London, UK, 22nd September 2000
  3. Planet Rock Profiles, ITV, UK, 9th October 2000
  4. Nulle Part Ailleurs, Canal+, France 11th October 2000
  5. Quelli che il Calcio, RAI, Italy, 1st November 2000
  6. Tatarata, RAI Uno, Italy, 1st November 2000
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Additional comments DVD-Video featuring volume 8 of a large DVD project compiled by a Spanish fan. The compilation project contains TV appearances of Dire Straits and Mark Knopfler, except for broadcasted concerts. The DVD's are devided in several sections. This volume is dedicated to Mark Knopfler's solo promo material for Sailing to Philadelphia. The picture quality is very good on most tracks. On the Parkinson show, Mark played What it is live in the TV studio with a pretty large band. Afterwards, a very interesting interview with Michael Parkinson. Funny comments, some nice anecdotes and the highlights are Mark playing three different guitars during the interview (acoustic, National, Les Paul). Planet Rock Profiles features nice facts and a good interview with Mark Knopfler. On Nulle Part Ailleurs, Mark plays a great live (electric) version of Baloney again. Also featured is the French program Exclusif with a nice short Mark Knopfler special. On the Quelli che il Calcio show, Mark plays a playback version of What it is and also gives an interview. The host of the show asks Mark to sign the Sailing to Philadelphia bootlet for him, which is nice to see. On the Tatarata show, Mark plays another great live electric version of Baloney again. All nice material from the Sailing to Philadelphia period.