Track 1:
Gran Gala De Entregada XLII Premios Ondas, Canal+ TV, Barcelona, Spain, 13th November 1995
- Imelda (playback)
- Golden Heart (playback)
- Brothers In Arms (playback)

- Interview (translates in Spanish, you can't hear Mark's voice well)
- Darling Pretty (live, cut)
- Darling Pretty (video clip)
- Cannibals (video clip)

Track 2:
Premios Ondas, Canal+ TV, Barcelona, Spain, 6th November 2000
- What it is (playback)

Track 3:
- Buzz MCM TV, France 1996 (music & interview)

Track 4:
- NRK TV studio, Norway, 17th October 2002, promotial tour The Rapgpicker's Dream (interview)


Additional comments:
A home-made Video-CD featuring a compilation of some of the promotional things that Mark Knopfler did to promote his solo albums: Golden Heart (1996), Sailing to Philadelphia (2000) and The Ragpicker's Dream (2002). Available on one CD-R.

Video-CD's can be played on DVD players or normal CD-ROM players using Windows Media Player. I can play this Video-CD on my external Sony DVD player (DVP-NS705V) without any problem. Note however that some DVD players have problems with Video-CD's. So I can only guarantee that they work on your PC CD-ROM drive!